Ten fun facts about Rabbits

Image of Rabbits

Fact 1
Rabbits are herbivores and eat vegetables, carrots, tree bark, herbs and weeds.

Fact 2
They have five toenails on its front two paws and four toenails on its back two feet. Rabbits are crepuscular which means they are active at dawn and dusk.

Fact 3
Rabbits are social interactive animals that live in groups called herds or warrens.

Fact 4
They weigh between 2 to 11 pounds.

Fact 5
Rabbits have long ears, long hind legs and a short tail. They have thin skin which tears easily that is covered with dense fur. They shed their coats twice annually.

Fact 6
The teeth of rabbits never stop growing. Rabbits eat their own night droppings (cecotropes) as they are a valuable source of protein.

Fact 7
Baby bunnies are referred to as “kittens.”Females are referred to as ‘does’ and males as bucks.

Fact 8
The gestation period is about 30 days. One litter has 4 – 12 kittens and each doe can have as many as 8 litters per year.

Fact 9
Rabbits have a wide vocal range and utter different tones and volume for communicating emotions. They make purring sounds when they grind their teeth together.

Fact 10
They have a 360 degree vision and their one blind spot is right in front of their nose. Rabbits can jump as high as 3 ½ feet and as long as 10 feet. They run about 35 mph.

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Short about Rabbits
Are gregarious plant-eating mammals belonging to the order lagomorphs and family Leporidae.