Facts on Paraphyletic groups


Whales are very large marine mammals, that live in the oceans.

10 facts about Whales


Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents of the superfamily Muroidea.

10 facts about Rats

Water Rats

Are large highly-specialized rodents and amphibious mammals endemic to Australia and New Guinea.

10 facts about Water Rats


Were the first animals to be domesticated by man and regarded as gods in the Norse mythologies.

10 facts about Wolves


Are warm blooded intelligent mammals that have been known to help humans in many circumstances and loved by them.

10 facts about Dolphins


Are known to be highly intelligent and capable primates and are not considered as apes, prosimians, or humans.

10 facts about Monkeys


Are cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates that have skins that are covered with scales, a set of gills and two sets of paired fins.

10 facts about Fishes


Are long bodied, cold-blooded vertebrates that belong to the class Reptilia.

10 facts about Lizards


Are marsupial animals belonging to the Macropodidae family which means “big feet” and found mainly in Australia and New Guinea.

10 facts about Kangaroos


Are gastropods, which literally means ‘belly foot animals’.

10 facts about Snails


Are gregarious plant-eating mammals belonging to the order lagomorphs and family Leporidae.

10 facts about Rabbits