Ten fun facts about Impalas

Image of Impalas

Fact 1
Impalas live in savannas and light woodlands. They are herbivores and eat mainly grass, ferns and leaves. They graze and browse in the wet season and also eat acacia pods and fruits.

Fact 2
Male Impalas are the protectors of the herd and when they sense that danger is near, they warn their herd with a bark that is loud and raspy.

Fact 3
Their bodies are reddish-brown and a narrow black line runs along the middle of their lower back to the long tail. They have large brush-like tufts of black hair that covers a scent gland located above the heel on each hind leg.

Fact 4
A full grown Impala weighs 100 pounds to 167 pounds and grows to about 28 inches to 36 inches in height.

Fact 5
Impalas are both diurnal and nocturnal but are active mainly during the day.

Fact 6
Female impalas do not have horns although they look otherwise similar to the males. The horns of a male impala are from 18” to 37” long. The males use their horns for defense purposes.

Fact 7
Their lifespan is about 12 years. The collective name for a group of impalas is ‘herd.’

Fact 8
When mating, the males make a sound that is somewhat between a dog’s bark and a lion’s roar.

Fact 9
The gestation period is between 6 and 7 months. The males are called bucks and the females are called does. Their babies are called calves.

Fact 10
Males form harems with females during the mating season. Females normally give birth to one calf.

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Short about Impalas
Are medium-sized African antelopes that can leap to a height of 10 feet or 33 feet ahead when running.