Ten fun facts about Frogs

Image of Frogs

Fact 1
Frogs belong to the order Anura and inhabit mountains, forests, deserts and savannas.

Fact 2
The largest living species of frog in the world is the Goliath frog which can grow to lengths of 13 inches and weigh about 8 lbs.

Fact 3
Each species of frogs have a unique call. They make vocalizations by forcing air through their larynx. Males sing in loud choruses to warn other males and attract females.

Fact 4
Most of the species of frogs have a ‘tympanum’ that is a large visible ear drum on each side of their head. This transmits sound waves to the inner ear and keeps it protected from water and debris.

Fact 5
The life cycle of frogs goes through the stages of eggs, larva and adult and this process is known as metamorphosis.

Fact 6
Frogs feed on insects and other invertebrates such as mice, bats, worms, snakes and small birds.

Fact 7
They launch themselves into the air using their large muscular back limbs. They use their legs to climb, swim or glide.

Fact 8
Frog eyes bulge outward and appear to stare blankly but they can see in all directions. The eyes can be retracted to bulge inwards in their mouths.

Fact 9
Frogs have a third eyelid which protects their eyes underwater and keeps them moist on land.

Fact 10
Their sticky tongue is used like fly fishing. Their bodies absorb water through their skin and they do not drink water the way we do.

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Short about Frogs
Are amphibians with a large head, large eyes and smooth moist skin.