Ten fun facts about Eels

Image of Eels

Fact 1
Eels are covered with slimy mucus and this allows them to slither around reefs without getting scratched. They have scale less and slimy smooth skin, sharp teeth and strong jaws.

Fact 2
They have poor eyesight and often bite fingers of divers who give them food.

Fact 3
These fish weigh from 95 gm to 215 gm and their length ranges from 5 – 13 feet.

Fact 4
Eels live in shallow waters or hide at the bottom of the oceans in holes which are called eel pits. Eels can swim backwards and forwards. They can travel on land for short distances.

Fact 5
The life span of an eel is about 85 years

Fact 6
Eels are voracious eaters. They are carnivorous and eat lobsters, fish, octopuses, crabs mussels, snails and frog.

Fact 7
They move through water with an undulating motion. They feed at night and rest in the day. They possess an excellent sense of smell that helps them hunt for their prey.

Fact 8
Baby eels are called ‘elvers’. The eels go through a larval phase as juveniles and form part of the plankton.

Fact 9
Moray eels have long sharp canine teeth though some have low nodular teeth. They tie their bodies in knots to anchor when tearing at food.

Fact 10
Courting eels open their mouths wide and wrap their bodies around each other for hours. They separate only when the female has laid her eggs. The males then fertilize the eggs.

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Short about Eels
Are snake-like fish from the order Anguilliformes that occupy both fresh water as well as saltwater habitats.