Ten fun facts about Squids

Image of Squids

Fact 1
Squids are shaped like torpedoes with a distinct head, mantle or body, eight tentacles with suckers and two paired tentacles for capturing and eating prey. Some squids are only 24 inches long while others are more than 40 feet in length.

Fact 2
Squids are found in oceans all over the globe and are the favorite meal of many sea-dwelling creatures. They can be found in both fresh as well as salt water. They have two gills called ctenidia and three hearts.

Fact 3
They swim faster than any other invertebrate. They expel water rapidly from their mantle cavity when swimming and this water passes through a funnel which helps them move with a tail-first action.

Fact 4
Giant squids have big old beaks that are supposedly very sharp and resist fractures and bending. Their eyes are the largest in the animal kingdom.

Fact 5
Mature females squid are larger than mature male squid. Squids have large brains and considered extremely intelligent.

Fact 6
They swim backwards because their arms, tentacles and hearts are on the front of their bodies and their fins are on their back. When they go forwards, squids swim backwards.

Fact 7
Female squid lay thousands of eggs at a time at the bottom of the ocean.

Fact 8
They are carnivores. They eat fish, smaller squid and crustaceans.

Fact 9
The common squid lives about one to two years.

Fact 10
They squirt a dark liquid or ink to distract their attackers when chased. Some are bioluminescent

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Short about Squids
Are marine animals and members of the cephalopod class.