Ten fun facts about Penguins

Image of Penguins

Fact 1
Penguins cannot fly as they have no wings. They possess powerful flippers and their bodies are well streamlined making them very accomplished swimmers.

Fact 2
They are social by nature and may adapt to different climates. They live in breeding colonies or gatherings which are referred to as rookeries.

Fact 3
The average life span of a penguin does not exceed 15 to 20 years. Most of this time is spent at sea.

Fact 4
Penguins are carnivores and eat octopus, krill, shrimp, squid and fish and crustaceans. They also eat snow but do not drink water.

Fact 5
They use body language and different vocalizations to communicate with each other.

Fact 6
In some penguin species, the female lays only one egg at a time, whereas in other species, the female lays two eggs at a time. After the female lays the egg, the male takes on the responsibility of hatching the egg by placing it between their legs.

Fact 7
The incubation period is normally about 10 weeks in winter. The male penguin may lose half its body weight during this time as it does not move and does not eat either. They keep warm by moving their bodies slightly.

Fact 8
The feathers of adults are dense and water proof and tightly bound to protect them against the bitterly cold weather.

Fact 9
Their natural defense mechanism when seeking food in water is to leap out every few minutes.

Fact 10
Penguins are powerful and playful swimmers and also love to slide down hills on their bellies in winter.

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