Ten fun facts about Camels

Image of Camels

Fact 1
The hump of a camel does not store water as is commonly thought. In fact, a camel’s hump has stores of fat which allows them to live without food for nearly a month. It also serves as insulation to trap heat.

Fact 2
These are the only mammals that have oval shaped red blood cells. This unusual shape allow them to go for long periods without water.

Fact 3
Camels drink up to 40 gallons of water at a time. They can lose 25% of their body fluids without the danger of dehydration.

Fact 4
They eat small herbs and grasses, bushes and trees. They chew gazelle bones and fish waists.

Fact 5
Camels mate all year round but mostly when vegetation is lush. Females reproduce till they are 30 years old and deliver one offspring every two years.

Fact 6
These animals live in groups or alone. Their collective name for groups is ‘pride’. One male has many female in individuals similar to harems.

Fact 7
The milk produced by camels is healthier than cow’s milk.

Fact 8
The external parts of camel’s body is full of callosities which allow them laying on hot desert surfaces. Their urine is thick and the feces so dry that it is used for fuel.

Fact 9
They close their nostrils against wind and sand. They are revengeful and can kick in all directions with each of their legs.

Fact 10
One of their defense mechanism is to ‘spit’ at the perceived enemy. When provoked, they throw up a foul smelling green fluid from their stomach at the person or thing that has provoked them.

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Short about Camels
Are called the desert ships and they can swim when they encounter water and also carry 200 – 300 kg of baggage on their backs.