Ten fun facts about Sting Rays

Image of Sting Rays

Fact 1
There are about 70 species of sting rays in the world and they are related to sharks.

Fact 2
They are carnivores and feed on animals, crustaceans, mollusks, oysters, crabs, snails and some species of fish

Fact 3
Sting rays are found in shallow brackish or salt waters mainly in warm climates.

Fact 4
They spend most of their time motionless buried in the sand.

Fact 5
Their eyes are located on their dorsal side while their nostrils mouth and gill slits are located on the ventral side which is referred as the underbelly.

Fact 6
The life span of stingrays is about 15 – 25 years. A group of stingrays is commonly referred to as “fever” of stingrays.

Fact 7
The stingray’s tail is located with a barb that can be serrated and sharp. This venom can be dangerous to humans and was used as an anesthetic in ancient Greece.

Fact 8
Stingrays are docile and will attack only if they are attacked or threatened. They grow their sting once it is shed.

Fact 9
They use their sense of smell and special electro-receptors called ampullae of Lorenzine to hunt prey at night. They eat oysters, clams and shrimps. They use their strong jaws to crush their prey

Fact 10
Females give birth to two to ten stingray “pups’ per year referred to as ‘litter.’

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Short about Sting Rays
Are flat marine cartilaginous fishes in the phylum Chordate and composing the family Dasyatidae.