Ten fun facts about Quolls

Image of Quolls

Fact 1
Quolls are mainly found in the forests of Australia and New Guinea. They live on the ground primarily though they can climb trees easily.

Fact 2
A quoll is about the size of a cat.

Fact 3
They have pointed snouts, pink noses, sharp teeth, large dark eyes, thick soft fur and long tails that can be about 20 to 35 cm long.

Fact 4
The largest quolls are the spotted-tail species. These spotted tail quolls grow up to 75 cm long and weight up to 7 kg.

Fact 5
Females are smaller and weigh up to 4 kg. The northern quoll is the smallest and weighs less than a kg.

Fact 6
Their babies are called pups. Females breed once a year in winter and have a pouch on their tummies for young to develop.

Fact 7
The gestation period is only a few weeks.

Fact 8
Quolls are nocturnal creatures though they also bask in the sun instead of hiding underground on sunlit days. They larger species sleep in hollow logs or caves while the smaller species prefer to dig burrows where they can snuggle in.

Fact 9
They eat plant seeds and fruits. They are predators and hunt and eat mammals such as possums, birds, frogs, insects and lizards. They will also scavenge carcasses when they come across any.

Fact 10
The life span for quolls is between 2 to 5 years.

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Short about Quolls
Are medium sized marsupials and belong to the genus Dasyurus, which means “hairy tail”.