Ten fun facts about Wallabys

Image of Wallabys

Fact 1
There are 30 species of wallabies that are native to Australia and Tasmania.

Fact 2
An adult wallaby weighs about 15 – 26 kg. The males are 77-88 cm in height and the females are about 70-84 cm tall. Their tail is 80 cm long, which is almost the length of their entire body. They use their tail to balance and jump around. They also use it to prop into a sitting position.

Fact 3
These marsupials/mammals with a pouch can be found in eucalyptus forests, bushy plains and rugged areas such as woody districts and semi-arid plains. They are social animals and forage with other wallabies.

Fact 4
They have strong back legs that help them hop and move about powerfully. The forearms of the wallaby are small and used mainly for balancing or for feeding.

Fact 5
The average lifespan of a wallaby is from 9 - 15 years.

Fact 6
Wallabies are herbivores and eat mainly roots, grass, tree leaves and ferns. They rest during the day and are active mainly at night.

Fact 7
The female marsupial rears her immature young in a pouch.

Fact 8
The collective name for a group of wallabies is a ‘mob’.

Fact 9
The males are called Jack while the females are called Jill. The babies are referred to as Joeys

Fact 10
A female typically gives birth to a single wallaby and in very rare cases, twins. The gestation period is one month

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Short about Wallabys
Are macropods or marsupials that are not large enough to be considered kangaroos.