Ten fun facts about Pigs

Image of Pigs

Ten fun facts about Pigs

Image of Pigs

1. The Intelligent Animals

Pigs are fascinating animals with large heads, long snouts, and heavy bodies covered in bristly hair. Their short, curled tails are a distinguishing feature that sets them apart from other animals. Pigs are also known for their intelligence, with some studies showing that they can even learn to play video games. They are also highly social animals, forming strong bonds with other pigs and even humans.

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2. Pigs are Smart and Social Animals

Pigs are incredibly intelligent and social animals, capable of being trained and taught tricks. They are known to communicate with each other through a variety of grunts, ranging from contentment to alarm. Pigs are highly social creatures, forming strong bonds with their owners and other pigs, and they are even known to form friendships with other animals, such as dogs and horses.

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3. Pigs can be a source of potential danger to humans

Pigs are mammals that can be a source of potential danger to humans, as they can harbor a wide variety of parasites and diseases that can be easily transmitted to us. These include bacterial infections such as salmonella and E. coli, as well as viral infections like swine flu and African swine fever. In addition, pigs can also carry parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, and lice, which can cause serious health problems if left untreated. Therefore, it is important to take precautions when handling pigs and their products, such as pork, to avoid potential health risks.

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4. Types of Boar, Sow & Piglets

A male pig, known as a boar, and a female pig, known as a gilt or sow, are the two main types of pigs. A sow typically gives birth to a litter of 7 to 12 piglets twice a year, with a gestation period of 114 days. During this period, the sow will gain weight and her teats will swell in preparation for nursing her piglets. After birth, the piglets will feed on the sow's milk for up to two months before they are weaned and begin to eat solid food.

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5. Pigs Grow Fast

Pigs are remarkable animals, with adult pigs weighing anywhere from 50 to 350 kilograms. Even more impressive is the growth rate of piglets, which are born weighing just 1.5 kilograms and can double their weight in just seven days! This rapid growth rate is due to the high-energy diet of milk that piglets consume from their mothers.

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6. 44 Teeth: Pigs Have an Impressive Diet

Pigs have an impressive 44 teeth, including their iconic tusks which are their canine teeth. These tusks are unique in that they continue to grow throughout the pig's life and are sharpened by the lower and upper teeth rubbing against each other. As omnivores, pigs have a varied diet, consuming ferns, grass, roots, flowers, fruits, dead insects, carrion, tree barks and worms.

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7. Clean and Cooling-Challenged

Pigs are incredibly clean animals, and have no sweat glands to help them cool down. To combat this, they roll around in mud, which helps to keep their skin cool and also acts as a natural sunscreen. This behavior is often misinterpreted as pigs being dirty, when in fact they are just trying to stay cool and protect their skin from the sun.

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8. Pigs have an incredibly sensitive snout

Pigs have an incredibly sensitive snout, which is a highly developed sense organ. This organ is so sensitive that it can detect even the slightest changes in temperature, texture, and moisture. Pigs use their snouts to explore their environment, to search for food, and to communicate with other pigs. They can even detect the presence of predators and other animals in their vicinity. This remarkable sense organ is one of the reasons why pigs are so intelligent and have been domesticated for centuries.

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9. Pigs' Speed: 4 Toes, 2-Toe Walk!

Pigs are remarkable animals; they have four toes on each hoof, but they only walk on two of them. This gives them an impressive speed, as they can run a 7 minute mile! They also have an impressive capacity for water, being able to drink up to 14 gallons of water a day.

10. A herd of pigs is an interesting sight to behold!

A herd of pigs is an interesting sight to behold! Pigs are highly social animals, and they form strong bonds with their herd members. A herd of pigs typically consists of a dominant male, several females, and their young. Pigs are also very protective of their young, and the dominant male will often lead the herd to food and water sources.

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Are genuses of even-toed ungulates (hooved) within the family Suidae.