Ten fun facts about Colds and flu

Fact 1
Getting the flu shot does not cause you to get the flu. The flu virus actually infects you 48 hours before any symptoms occur, so it may have just been a weird coincidence!

Fact 2
Light exercising can actually boost your immune system and help you fight off a cold or illness.

Fact 3
Airborne and direct contact with people who have a cold can cause you to contract it as well, since there are more than 200 viruses that can cause the cold.

Fact 4
About 5% to 20% of Americans get the flue and at least 200,000 people a year are hospitalized from complications of the flu.

Fact 5
There are 3 types of flu viruses: type A, which attack animals and some humans, type B which usually effects humans and type C which is found in humans, pigs and dogs.

Fact 6
Women often contract the cold more than men, because many women spend more time with children.

Fact 7
Most people are aware that you can catch a cold by direct contact, but you can also catch a cold through your eyes! Our eyes link to the nasal cavity, where the infection is caused.

Fact 8
The 'stomach flu' is actually not a form of influenza. If you have no fever or body ache, it is generally not the flu, since the word is tossed around so much.

Fact 9
Since viruses are the cause of colds, the cold weather is not at fault. Staying indoors with confined germs may be why the cold is so common in the winter.

Fact 10
While the cold and flu are both respiratory illnesses, their symptoms are much different. Having a cold cannot result in serious health problems, while the flu can.

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Short about Colds and flu
Two illnesses caused by viruses.