Ten fun facts about Kiefer Sutherland

Fact 1
His first major acting role was in the 1983 movie named “Max Dugan Returns”.

Fact 2
He has a twin sister and he is the older of the two. Her name is Rachel Sutherland.

Fact 3
Keifer was to play a role in the movie named “The Wild”. In one part of the movie he had to roar like a lion. It embarrassed him no end to rehearse the role and practice roaring at home. Apparently a woman who was driving along the freeway spotted him roaring in his car.

Fact 4
The caller role he played in “The Phone Booth” lasted for just a few minutes but was such a well-played one that he went onto receiving second billing in the credits.

Fact 5
Keifer Sutherland is acclaimed for bringing universal health care to Canada.

Fact 6
The production of “24” was delayed due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Incidentally the production of “Phone Booth “had been delayed due to sniper attacks.

Fact 7
It’s like Keifer specialized in second-life roles. In “24”, the television series the character he plays of Jack Bauer revives after dying of a heart attack and in Flatliners, the main protagonist Nelson dies of a heart attack and is brought back to life.

Fact 8
In 2007 he agreed to act in three new seasons of “24”, for a whopping sum of $40 million.

Fact 9
He was so totally engrossed in the making of “24”. For five years he ended up spending an average of 15 hours, 6 days a week, on its sets.

Fact 10
The Jack Bauer character that he played in “24” had to get a tattoo while the show was in its third season. Not wanting to waste time getting it made everyday on the sets, he just went and got a permanent tattoo instead.

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Short about Kiefer Sutherland
Born on December 21 1966, he is a Canadian actor, director and producer.