Ten fun facts about House

Ten fun facts about House

1. " The Show That Conquered America"

The hit show "House" was a major success in the United States, consistently ranking in the top-ten of all shows from its second to fourth season. This impressive feat was achieved by the show's captivating storylines, compelling characters, and the brilliant performance of Hugh Laurie as the titular character. The show's success was further bolstered by its numerous awards and nominations, including two Golden Globe Awards and five Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

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2. " The Global Phenomenon"

In 2008, the medical drama "House" was a global phenomenon, captivating audiences in 66 countries and becoming the most watched television program in the world. Its success was unprecedented, with millions of viewers tuning in each week to follow the adventures of the brilliant yet troubled Dr. Gregory House and his team of diagnosticians. The show's popularity was so great that it was even broadcast in countries as far away as China, India, and Brazil.

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3. " A Brilliant Doctor, But Also a Drug-Addicted Misanthrope"

Dr. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie, is the main character of the hit show "House". He is a medical genius, but also a drug-addicted misanthrope. He leads a team of diagnosticians at the Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey, where he uses his unconventional methods to solve medical mysteries. Despite his flaws, Dr. House is a brilliant doctor who is able to diagnose even the most difficult cases.

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4. Hugh Laurie: From Dr. House to Comedy World

Hugh Laurie, the British actor best known for his role as the cantankerous Dr. Gregory House on the hit American television series "House", is no stranger to the world of comedy. Prior to his American television debut, Laurie had already made a name for himself in the British comedy scene, starring in numerous films and television series. His transition to the American television industry was a success, as "House" quickly became one of the most popular shows on television.

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5. " A Critical and Popular Sensation"

The critically acclaimed show "House" has been widely recognized for its excellence, receiving numerous awards including five Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, a Peabody Award, and nine People's Choice Awards. These awards are a testament to the show's success and its ability to captivate audiences around the world.

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6. Hugh Laurie is a multi-talented individual

Hugh Laurie is a multi-talented individual who is not only an actor, but also a writer, musician, and motorcycle enthusiast. He has written a novel called The Gun Seller, and is proficient in playing a variety of instruments. He is also an avid motorcycle rider, and has been seen riding his bike around town.

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7. Left-Handed "House" Cast Members Feature Unique Dynamic

The hit medical drama "House" features three left-handed cast members: Robert Sean Leonard, Lisa Edelstein, and Omar Epps. Leonard plays the titular character, Dr. Gregory House, while Edelstein portrays his former colleague and love interest, Dr. Lisa Cuddy. Epps plays the role of Dr. Eric Foreman, House's former protégé. All three actors are left-handed, adding an interesting dynamic to their characters' interactions.

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8. " The Show That Became a Cultural Phenomenon"

The popular medical drama "House" was created with two working titles: "Chasing Zebras" and "Circling the Drain". The show's creator, David Shore, chose these titles to reflect the show's focus on the medical profession's tendency to search for rare diagnoses, which is often compared to chasing after zebras, and the idea of a patient's health deteriorating, which is likened to a drain circling the drain. The show has since become a cultural phenomenon, with millions of viewers tuning in each week.

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9. Robert Sean Leonard Cast in "House"

Robert Sean Leonard was the first actor to be cast for the hit medical drama series, "House". Leonard, who plays the role of Dr. James Wilson, was the first actor to be chosen for the show, setting the tone for the rest of the cast. His character is the best friend and confidant of the show's main character, Dr. Gregory House, and is a major part of the show's success. Leonard's performance has been praised by fans and critics alike, and his character is one of the most beloved on the show.

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10. David Shore, creator of "House", pays tribute to Sherlock Holmes

David Shore, the creator of the hit show "House", has always been a big fan of the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes. In fact, many aspects of the show are inspired by the character, from the witty dialogue to the medical mysteries that House and his team must solve. Shore has even gone so far as to include subtle references to Holmes throughout the show, such as the character's signature deerstalker hat and pipe. It's clear that Shore's admiration for the character has had a major influence on the show, and it's no wonder why "House" has become such a beloved series.

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