Ten fun facts about Barry Bonds

Fact 1
The title of the series refers to the burn notices issued by intelligence agencies to discredit or announce the dismissal of agents or sources who are considered to have become unreliable.

Fact 2
The main character of the series is Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen: A CIA contractor who has been burned (identified as an unreliable or dangerous agent) and now finds himself in his hometown of Miami, unable to leave. With his assets frozen, he is forced to live off his wits and any small investigative jobs he can find while he searches for answers about who has burned him and why.

Fact 3
Western is highly skilled and extremely clever, often improvising electronic devices and using ordinary items ranging from duct tape to cake frosting in highly unorthodox ways to complete a job.

Fact 4
Western has two black belts or, as he puts it in one episode, "thirty years of karate" and is "rated with anything that fires a bullet or holds an edge".

Fact 5
He has an uncanny ability to assume cover identities, working in numerous regional dialects and international accents.

Fact 6
Western’s favorite food is yogurt.

Fact 7
The series juggles these two narratives: the overall series dealing with why Western was burned, and individual episodes focusing on the cases he works for clients.

Fact 8
Since 2008, Signet Books has published a series of Burn Notice tie-in novels.

Fact 9
The show is filmed on location in and around Miami, Florida. The show has a permanent set built in the former Coconut Grove Convention Center in Miami's Coconut Grove neighborhood where most of the show is filmed.

Fact 10
Burn Notice has received several nominations from Emmy Awards and People’s Choice Awards, among others.

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is an American television series, created by Matt Nix, that aired on USA Network from June 28, 2007 to September 12, 2013.