Ten fun facts about Covert Affairs

Fact 1
Annie Walker is using the name “Jessica Matthews” while she's deep undercover.

Fact 2
The series tells the story of a young CIA trainee, Annie Walker, who is sent to work in the Domestic Protection Division (DPD) as a field agent. August “Auggie” Anderson, a blind tech operative, is Annie’s guide in her new life. At the start, Annie's cover story was that she worked in Acquisitions at the Smithsonian Museum but that she was later let go. As of the fourth season, her new cover is that of a glamorous and well-connected importer/exporter, with expensive tastes and dealings that may not always be legal.

Fact 3
Piper Perabo as Anne Catherine “Annie” Walker: a CIA trainee who is suddenly promoted to field operative in order to, unwittingly, help capture her ex-boyfriend.

Fact 4
All the episodes barring the pilot are named after Led Zeppelin songs.

Fact 5
In addition to English, Walker speaks seven languages fluently and several other languages with varied skill levels.

Fact 6
Anderson is an exceptional athlete, winning two high school state championships in wrestling.

Fact 7
The characters Auggie Anderson and Annie Walker are portrayed by Christopher Gorham and Piper Perabo.

Fact 8
Production of the series takes place in Toronto, Ontario, at primary static sets housed in a studio, as well as at “stock” shooting locations throughout the local area. This is combined with material filmed at various international locations in which the series’ episodes are set, such as Washington, D.C.

Fact 9
Annie's given name is Anne Catherine Walker.

Fact 10
The Season 2 theme song “Can You Save Me” by Power is listed in the episode end credits.

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is a USA Network television series starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham.