Ten fun facts about Hell on Wheels

Ten fun facts about Hell on Wheels

1. " The Transcontinental Struggle"

"Hell on Wheels" is a television series that follows the lives of the people living in the settlement that sprung up alongside the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. The show focuses on the struggles of the settlers as they attempt to build a new life in the harsh and unforgiving environment of the American West. From the lawless saloons to the dangerous construction sites, the series paints a vivid picture of the lives of the people who risked everything to build the railroad.

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2. " The First Transcontinental Railroad"

The First Transcontinental Railroad was aptly nicknamed "Hell on Wheels" by the people who lived and worked in the mobile encampment that followed the construction of the railroad. This motley crew of construction workers, laborers, prostitutes, mercenaries, and other travelers made the encampment their home, and the nickname was a reflection of the hard work and difficult conditions they faced. Despite the hardships, the people of "Hell on Wheels" forged a unique community that was unlike anything else in the American West.

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3. " The stunning Canadian Rockies captured on TV"

The first season of the popular television series "Hell on Wheels" was filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as well as in various other locations throughout central and southern Alberta. The production team took advantage of the stunning natural beauty of the area, capturing breathtaking shots of the Canadian Rockies, rolling prairies, and the majestic Bow River. The show's producers also took advantage of the area's unique historical sites, such as the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, to create a truly immersive experience for viewers.

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4. " The T'suu T'ina Nation Welcomes AMC's Series"

The AMC television series "Hell on Wheels" was filmed on the T’suu T’ina Native Indian Reservation, an Indian reserve located in southern Alberta, Canada. This stunning location provided the perfect backdrop for the show, with its rolling hills, lush forests, and wide open plains. The reservation is home to the T’suu T’ina Nation, a First Nations people who have lived in the area for centuries. The show's producers chose this location for its beauty and authenticity, and the T’suu T’ina Nation welcomed the production with open arms. The show's exterior scenes were filmed on the reservation, providing viewers with a glimpse into the unique culture and landscape of the T’suu T’ina Nation.

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5. "Hell on Wheels": Anson Mount Seeks Revenge

Anson Mount stars as Cullen Bohannon in the hit show "Hell on Wheels", a former Confederate soldier who is on a mission to avenge the death of his wife and son, who were murdered by Union soldiers. As he works as a foreman on the railroad, he eventually rises to the position of chief engineer. Along the way, he faces many obstacles and adversaries, but his determination to find justice for his family never wavers.

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6. " Calgary's Perfect Backdrop"

The second season of the popular television series "Hell on Wheels" was filmed in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Exterior shots were taken near the Bow River, which runs through the city and is known for its stunning views and abundance of wildlife. The production team took advantage of the picturesque landscape to create a unique and captivating atmosphere for the show.

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7. " Critics Rave!"

"Hell on Wheels" was met with critical acclaim, with many online reviews praising the show's captivating story and compelling characters. Critics praised the show for its unique take on the Western genre, with its complex characters and intricate plotlines. The show's cinematography and soundtrack were also highly praised, with many noting the show's ability to capture the atmosphere of the American West. Overall, "Hell on Wheels" was a hit with both critics and viewers alike, and its success has led to a number of spin-off series.

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8. "Hell on Wheels" Premiere Sets Records

The premiere of AMC's "Hell on Wheels" on November 6th, 2011 was a huge success, with 4.4 million viewers tuning in - the second-highest series premiere in the network's history, only behind the record-breaking premiere of "The Walking Dead". This impressive viewership was a testament to the show's quality and the anticipation of its viewers, and set the stage for the rest of the series.

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9. " The Series Continues to Dominate AMC"

The critically acclaimed western drama series "Hell on Wheels" has been a huge success for AMC, with the season one finale in January 2012 confirming it as the network's second-highest rated original series, behind only the juggernaut "The Walking Dead". On average, the show has pulled in an impressive three million viewers per episode, making it one of the most popular shows on television.

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10. " A Grim Western Series Like No Other"

The AMC television series "Hell on Wheels" is a gritty revisionist Western that has often been compared to the HBO series "Deadwood". Both shows feature a unique take on the traditional Western genre, with complex characters and morally ambiguous storylines. "Hell on Wheels" follows the story of former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon as he seeks revenge for the death of his wife and son, while "Deadwood" follows the lawless town of Deadwood, South Dakota and its inhabitants. Both shows have been praised for their realistic portrayal of the Wild West and their exploration of the moral and ethical issues of the time.

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