Ten fun facts about Teen Wolf

Ten fun facts about Teen Wolf

1. MTV's "Teen Wolf" Returns for a New Season

The popular MTV show "Teen Wolf" is loosely based on the 1985 movie of the same name. The movie, which starred Michael J. Fox, follows the story of a teenage boy who discovers he is a werewolf. The show, which premiered in 2011, follows a similar storyline, but with a modern twist. It follows the adventures of Scott McCall, a high school student who is bitten by a werewolf and must learn to control his newfound powers while navigating the complicated world of teenage life.

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2. "Teen Wolf" Premieres After the MTV Movie Awards

The hit show "Teen Wolf" premiered on June 5, 2011, immediately following the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. The show was an instant success, and the second season premiered just one year later on June 3, 2012, again after the MTV Movie Awards. The show has since gone on to become a cult classic, with fans eagerly awaiting each new season.

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3. "Teen Wolf" Scores 61 on Metacritic

The supernatural drama series "Teen Wolf" has been met with a generally positive response from critics, earning a score of 61 out of 100 on the review site Metacritic. This score is indicative of the show's success, with many praising its unique blend of horror, comedy, and romance. The show has also been praised for its strong character development and its ability to tackle difficult topics such as bullying, mental health, and family dynamics.

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4. "Teen Wolf TV Series Adaptation Becomes a Cult Classic"

The popular movie "Teen Wolf" has been adapted for television twice, with the first adaptation being an animated series that aired on CBS from 1986 to 1987. This series was a hit with viewers, and it's no surprise that the movie was adapted for television again in 2011 with a live-action series that has since become a cult classic.

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5. MTV's A Dark, Sexier and Edgier Twist

MTV's Teen Wolf was a re-imagining of the 1985 Michael J. Fox film, but with a darker, sexier and edgier twist. Jeff Davis, the creator and executive producer, was the mastermind behind this new version, which was a far cry from the original. Davis wanted to create a show that was more mature and engaging, and he certainly achieved that with Teen Wolf. The show has become a cult classic, and Davis' vision has been praised by fans and critics alike.

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6. "Teen Wolf' Revives 'The Lost Boys' Vibe."

When creating the hit show "Teen Wolf," executive producer Jeff Davis had a clear vision in mind. He wanted to make a thrilling show with comedic elements, similar to the classic 80s movie "The Lost Boys." Davis wanted to capture the same dark, mysterious tone of the movie, while also adding his own unique spin to the show. With its mix of horror, comedy, and drama, "Teen Wolf" has become a beloved classic for fans of all ages.

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7. MTV's "Teen Wolf" is a dark and thrilling take on the classic movie

MTV's version of "Teen Wolf" is a unique blend of drama and comedy, with a darker tone than the 1985 film. The original movie was a lighthearted comedy, but the MTV series takes a more serious approach, exploring the supernatural elements of the story in a more intense way. The show has become a cult classic, with fans around the world enjoying the thrilling storylines and characters.

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8. What's Your Station?

In the popular series "Teen Wolf", werewolves are divided into a hierarchical system of stations. These stations are based on the werewolf's age, strength, and experience, and are used to determine the werewolf's rank within the pack. The highest station is Alpha, followed by Beta, Omega, and then Human. Each station has its own set of responsibilities and privileges, and the werewolf's station can change depending on their actions and the decisions of the Alpha.

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9. "MTV's "Teen Wolf" is Highly Praised by Professional Critics"

The MTV series "Teen Wolf" has been highly praised by professional critics, with Metacritic ranking it as the second-highest rated MTV series, just behind the popular show "Awkward". This is a testament to the show's quality, as it has been able to stand out among the many other series on the network. The show has been praised for its engaging storylines, strong characters, and unique blend of horror and comedy.

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10. " #4 on Best TV Shows of the Year"

In 2011, the popular TV show "Teen Wolf" was ranked number four on BuddyTV's list of the best new TV shows of the year. This ranking is a testament to the show's success, as it was one of the most talked-about shows of the year and was praised for its unique blend of horror, comedy, and drama. Fans of the show were thrilled to see it receive such high praise, and it's no surprise that it has gone on to become a cult classic.

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