Ten fun facts about The Mentalist

Ten fun facts about The Mentalist

1. Patrick Jane: The Star of "The Mentalist"

Patrick Jane, played by Simon Baker, is the star of the hit show "The Mentalist". He is a former "psychic" who now works as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). His unique skillset allows him to observe people and situations in a way that allows him to gain insight into their thoughts and motivations. His expertise has been invaluable to the CBI in solving cases and bringing justice to those who have been wronged.

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2. The Mentalist's Locations Are Known for Their Creative Use

The Mentalist is known for its creative use of fictional locales, such as Salinger Mill and Rancho Rosa. These locations are often used as the backdrop for the show's thrilling episodes, providing a unique atmosphere for the characters to explore. The show's writers have crafted these locations with great detail, giving them a realistic feel that helps to draw viewers into the story.

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3. " Exploring Sacramento's Iconic Landmarks"

The Mentalist, the popular American television show, is mostly filmed within the studio zone in Los Angeles County, but occasionally takes the production on location to Sacramento. This allows the show to capture the unique atmosphere of the city, and to add a touch of realism to the show. The production team has been known to take advantage of the city's iconic landmarks, such as the State Capitol Building, to add a sense of authenticity to the show.

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4. Mentalist Filmed at Historic LA Pico House

The iconic CBI headquarters from the hit show "The Mentalist" is actually the back of the Pico House in downtown Los Angeles. The Pico House is a historic landmark, built in 1869, and is the oldest hotel in the city. It was used to represent the CBI headquarters in Sacramento, and has been featured in many other films and television shows. The building is a three-story brick structure, with a large central courtyard and a grand staircase. It is a beautiful example of 19th century architecture, and its use in "The Mentalist" has helped to bring attention to this historic landmark.

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5. 15.6 million viewers tune in for "The Mentalist" pilot episode

The pilot episode of "The Mentalist" was an instant hit, with an impressive 15.6 million viewers tuning in for its first airing. This number was even more impressive considering that the re-airing three days later still managed to draw in 7.8 million viewers, demonstrating the show's enduring popularity.

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6. The Mentalist Makes History with Highest-Rated Episode of the Week

The Mentalist made history on December 2, 2008 when its episode "Flame Red" became the highest-rated television show of the week, the first time a program in its first season had achieved that distinction since Desperate Housewives in 2004. This remarkable feat was a testament to the show's popularity and success, and it marked the beginning of a long and successful run for The Mentalist.

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7. "The Mentalist" Wins People's Choice Award

At the 35th People's Choice Awards, the hit show "The Mentalist" was honored with the award for "Favorite New TV Drama". The show's star, Simon Baker, was also recognized for his performance, receiving multiple nominations for his role. This was a major milestone for the show, which has since become a fan favorite and has been running for over a decade.

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8. The Mentalist Honored with Scientific and Critical Thinking Award

At its 10th Anniversary Gala, The IIG honored The Mentalist with an award for its scientific and critical thinking content. This recognition was a testament to the show's success in providing viewers with an entertaining and thought-provoking experience. The Mentalist, which first aired in 2008, has become a fan favorite for its unique blend of crime-solving and psychological insight. The award was a fitting tribute to the show's ability to engage viewers with its compelling storylines and characters.

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9. Red John: The Serial Killer Who Captivated America

The notorious serial killer Red John has been terrorizing victims for years before his most infamous crime - the murder of Patrick Jane's wife and daughter. His heinous acts have been reported in Nevada, Mexico and California, leaving a trail of destruction and grief in his wake. As the main antagonist of the hit show "The Mentalist", Red John has become a household name, and his story continues to captivate viewers around the world.

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10. Red John's Partner in Crime Revealed

Oliver Tanner was Red John's partner in crime, and Red John was aware that Tanner had a son. Red John took advantage of this knowledge and used Tanner to help him commit another murder, this time of a female victim. This heinous act was a testament to Red John's depravity and willingness to exploit anyone he could to further his own agenda.

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