Ten fun facts about How I Met Your Mother

Ten fun facts about How I Met Your Mother

1. How I Met Your Mother Emmy Nominations

The popular sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" has been nominated for an impressive 28 Emmy Awards, and has gone on to win nine of them. This is a testament to the show's success and popularity, and is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the cast and crew. The show has been praised for its clever writing, memorable characters, and unique storytelling style, and these awards are a recognition of the show's quality and impact.

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2. The Final Season

The long-running sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" is coming to an end with its ninth and final season in 2013-14. After nine years of laughs, tears, and unforgettable moments, fans of the show will have to say goodbye to Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney. The show's creators have promised a satisfying conclusion to the series, so viewers can look forward to a memorable finale.

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3. Ted Mosby's 2030 Story

Ted Mosby, the main character of the hit sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", is a young man living in Manhattan with his group of close friends. In the year 2030, Ted recounts to his son and daughter the events that led to him meeting their mother. Through a series of humorous and heartfelt moments, Ted's journey to find true love is documented as he navigates the ups and downs of life in the big city.

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4. The Friendship That Inspired the Show

The hit sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" was loosely based on the real-life friendship of creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. The two have been close friends since their college days, and their bond is reflected in the show. Not only did they create the show, but they also serve as executive producers and write many of the episodes. Their friendship has been the inspiration for the show's characters and storylines, making it one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time.

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5. A Hit with Viewers Since Its Debut

"How I Met Your Mother" has been a hit with viewers since its debut, earning positive reviews and a cult following due to its unique structure and eccentric humor. The show has been praised for its clever writing, memorable characters, and creative storytelling, making it a fan favorite for over a decade. With its clever jokes, heartfelt moments, and memorable catchphrases, it's no wonder that "How I Met Your Mother" has become a beloved classic.

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6. The Pineapple Incident

The season 1 episode of "How I Met Your Mother" titled "The Pineapple Incident" was the most watched episode of the show, with an impressive 12.3 million viewers tuning in. This episode was a fan favorite, and it's no surprise that it was the highest viewed episode of the show. It featured a wild night out for Ted, and the mystery of the pineapple that was found in his apartment the next morning.

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7. Bro Code: The Rules Every Bros Should Know

Throughout the series, Barney Stinson is known for his unwavering commitment to the "Bro Code", a set of written rules for bros to follow. This code of conduct has been so popular that it has been published as a tie-in novel, an audiobook, and even an iPhone Application, allowing fans of the show to take the Bro Code with them wherever they go.

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8. How I Met Your Music: Original Songs from the Hit Series

On September 24, 2012, the highly anticipated soundtrack album for the hit series "How I Met Your Mother" was released digitally to iTunes. Titled "How I Met Your Music: Original Songs from the Hit Series", the album features a selection of songs from the show, including the iconic "Let's Go to the Mall" and the show's theme song, "Hey Beautiful". Fans of the show can now enjoy the music from the show in the comfort of their own homes.

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9. How I Met Your Mother filmed in Studio City

The hit sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" was filmed in a variety of locations, with the majority of episodes being shot over three days in the Los Angeles-based Soundstage Studio 22. This studio was home to upwards of 50 scenes per episode, with quick transitions and flashbacks to keep the audience engaged. However, the show's "Pilot" episode was filmed at the CBS Radford studio, located in Studio City, California.

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10. How I Met Your Mother's Landmarks Episode Loses Viewers by 52%

The season 6 episode "Landmarks" of the popular sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" was the least-viewed episode of the show, with only 6.4 million viewers tuning in - a staggering 52% lower than the show's series high. This is a remarkable difference, and it serves as a testament to the show's enduring popularity.

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