Ten fun facts about Gerald Ford

Fact 1
Gerald Rudolph 'Jerry' Ford Jr. was born on July 14th, 1913 and died on December 26th, 2006.

Fact 2
He was also the Vice President of United States, from 1973 to 1974 and the first person to be sworn as the Vice President as per the terms of the 25th Amendment.

Fact 3
Ford is the only person to have served as the Vice President and as President of the United States without being formally elected by the Electoral College.

Fact 4
As a young boy, Ford was a member of The Boy Scouts of America where he also earned the highest rank of Eagle Scout, making him the only President who earned that rank.

Fact 5
Ford served in the U.S Navy and eventually earned the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 9 engagement stars for the various operations that he carried out. He also won the 'Lone Sailor Award' from the U.S Navy Memorial Foundation.

Fact 6
Ford held the Grand Rapids congressional district seat, in the House of Representatives where he served for 25 years.

Fact 7
Ford harbored the ambition to become the Speaker of the House, and hence declined offers to run for Senator and Governor of Michigan.

Fact 8
Ford issued Proclamation 4311 for Richard Nixon, which pardoned Nixon from all or any crimes he committed against the United States, during his tenure as the President of the country. This 'presidential pardon' created a huge controversy.

Fact 9
To combat the declining economy and rising inflation, Ford created the Economic Policy Board by Executive Order and also requested the American citizens to follow his 'Whip Inflation Now' program.

Fact 10
The years following his term as president, Ford remained an active member of the Republican Party.

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Short about Gerald Ford
Was the 38th President of the United States serving from 1974 to 1977.