Ten fun facts about Ford

Ten fun facts about Ford

1. Ford is one of the world's leading car companies

Ford is one of the world's leading car companies, ranking fifth in terms of total car sales. With a wide range of vehicles, from the iconic Mustang to the reliable F-150 pickup truck, Ford has been a major player in the automotive industry for decades. In 2019, the company sold over 5.3 million vehicles worldwide, making it one of the most successful car companies in the world.

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2. The World's Largest Family-Owned Business

Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company has grown to become the world's largest family-owned business. With over 200,000 employees and operations in over 100 countries, Ford has become a global leader in the automotive industry. From the iconic Mustang to the F-150 pickup truck, Ford has produced some of the most iconic vehicles in history. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Ford continues to be a leader in the industry, providing quality vehicles to customers around the world.

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3. Ford's Successful Dynasty Continues Under His Great-Grandson

Since Henry Ford's retirement from his CEO position in 1945, all of the company's subsequent CEOs have been direct relatives of his. This includes his grandson, Henry Ford II, who took over the role in 1945 and served until 1979, and his great-grandson, William Clay Ford Jr., who has been the CEO since 2001. This family-run business has been a staple of the automotive industry for over a century, and the Ford family's commitment to the company has been a major factor in its success.

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4. Ford's GT40 Race Car Wins Four Times in a Row

Ford's iconic GT40 race car achieved an impressive feat by winning the grueling 24-hour Le Mans race four times in a row. This remarkable accomplishment cemented the GT40's place in motorsport history and solidified Ford's reputation as a leader in the racing world.

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5. Ford GT40: The Smallest Race Car That's Still Famous

The Ford GT40 is an iconic race car, renowned for its impressive performance and low profile. Standing at just 40 inches high, it is one of the smallest race cars in the world, yet it has achieved remarkable success on the track, becoming one of the most successful and well-known race cars of all time.

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6. Ford revolutionizes car mfg. with assembly line

Henry Ford revolutionized the car manufacturing industry with his invention of the assembly line concept. This method of assembly, which is still used today, was inspired by his observation of a pig-slaughtering line. Ford's innovative approach to car production allowed for a much more efficient and cost-effective way of producing cars, and it has become the standard for car manufacturing ever since.

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7. Ford's Successful Acquisition of Lincoln Motor Company

In 1925, Ford made a strategic move to expand their automotive empire by purchasing the Lincoln Motor Company. This acquisition has proven to be a great success, as the Lincoln line has become one of the most popular luxury car lines in the world. The Town Car, in particular, has become a symbol of luxury and sophistication, and is a favorite among those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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8. Ford Opens First Overseas Factory

In 1911, Ford opened its first overseas factory in Manchester, England, and began operating under the name of Ford of Britain. This marked a major milestone in the company's history, as it was the first time Ford had established a presence outside of the United States. The factory was a huge success, and it helped to propel Ford to become one of the most successful and recognizable car manufacturers in the world.

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9. Ford's iconic oval blue badge was first introduced in 1907

The iconic oval blue Ford label badge was first introduced in 1907 and has since become synonymous with the brand. This badge has been a symbol of Ford's commitment to quality and innovation for over a century, and is still seen on many of their vehicles today. It is a timeless reminder of the company's long-standing history and its dedication to providing customers with reliable and dependable vehicles.

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10. Ford's first car, the Model A, was released in 1903

Ford's first car, the Model A, was released in 1903, but it was the Model T that truly put the company on the map. The Model T, released in 1908, was a revolutionary vehicle, becoming the first car to be mass-produced on an assembly line. It was also the first car to be affordable for the average consumer, and its success saw Ford become one of the most successful car companies in the world.

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Was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world.