Ten fun facts about Chrysler

Fact 1
Chrysler company has its headquarters situated in Auburn Hills, Michigan and was founded by Walter Chrysler in the year 1925.

Fact 2
The first Chrysler vehicle was a 6-cylinder car that was designed with the aim of providing drivers with a well-engineered, superior car at a much lower price than they would expect.

Fact 3
Fiat owns most of Chrysler’s share and it is one of the biggest car manufacturing companies over the planet with a huge business empire that caters to the needs of individuals everywhere.

Fact 4
Excluding cars made by Fiat, Chrysler stands twelfth in the list of the largest automakers.

Fact 5
Chrysler was built from the remains of what was once known as the Maxwell Motor Company.

Fact 6
In 1928, Chrysler expansion plans included the acquisition of the truck company Fargo and the Dodge Brothers Company. After the acquisition, they began marketing cars under those two brands.

Fact 7
In 1982, the brands DeSoto and Plymouth were also made part of Chrysler in a bid to expand more.

Fact 8
The American Motors Company, parent company of the legendary Jeep brand was added to Chrysler in the year 1987, boosting its credibility and sale furthermore.

Fact 9
In 1998, DaimlerChrysler was formed as a result of a merger between Daimler Benz AG and Chrysler. Problems arose with investors and 9 years later in 2007, the Cerberus Capital Management bought out Chrysler and renamed the company Chrysler LLC.

Fact 10
Over the years Fiat has worked hard to buy its way into owing most of Chrysler by acquiring the shares of other parties. The current divisions of Fiat worldwide include the brands of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat (USA), Mopar and SRT.

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Short about Chrysler
Is an American car manufacturer and is one of the three biggest automakers in the world.