Ten fun facts about Fiat

Fact 1
The company is headquartered in Turin, Italy and came into being in the year 1899 when a group of investors founded it.

Fact 2
Fiat has in the past manufactured carriages and railway engines, tractors, military vehicles and aircrafts.

Fact 3
Fiat has acquired many companies over the years by acquiring and buying shares in companies like Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati, Chrysler and Alfa Romeo.

Fact 4
Brazil sees Fiat as the car market leader and the second most cars from this brand are produced in Brazil itself, Italy produces the most.

Fact 5
Today, John Elkann is the Chairman and Sergio Marchionne is the Chief Executive Officer of Fiat.

Fact 6
During the Second World War, Fiat was involved in the manufacturing of military vehicles and machinery for the Italian Army, Regia Aeronautica and eventually for the Germans as well.

Fact 7
The G.55 fighter is universally regarded as the finest Fiat aircraft.

Fact 8
As of 2012, Fiat has a roughly 60 per cent stake in Chrysler and they have a very good working relationship as two distinct companies.

Fact 9
The Fiat 500 won the 2008 European Car of the Year award, the first Fiat car to win the award was the Fiat 124 in the year 1967.

Fact 10
Fiat and Tata Motors have a joint venture in India since the year 1997 known as the Fiat India Automobiles Private Limited.

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Short about Fiat
Is an automobile car manufacturer from Italy and as of 2011, it stands as Europe’s fourth biggest.