Ten fun facts about Suzuki

Fact 1
Michio Suzuki founded the company of Suzuki in a small Japanese coastal village in the year 1920 and it was initially involved in the manufacture of looms.

Fact 2
The first project to build a small Suzuki car was in 1937, with the first motorbike and first series car coming in 1952 and 1955 respectively.

Fact 3
Suzuki’s first passenger car was manufactured in 1955 and was called the 360 cc Suzulight.

Fact 4
Suzuki manufactures sharp and modest automobiles and today produces more cars than other popular car brands like Mercedes and BMW.

Fact 5
With its roots in the looms business, Suzuki today employees more than 15, 000 people and people from 170 countries in the world have access to this trusted car brand.

Fact 6
Osamu Suzuki has been at the helm of the company for the past 30 years, that’s about 20 years after he actually joined. The company was founded by his wife’s grandfather.

Fact 7
The famed and inherently familiar Hayabusa is one of the world’s fastest two-wheelers and is known to ride at a maximum speed of 300 km/h or 186 mph.

Fact 8
With their business partnership beginning in 1981, General Motors remains Suzuki’s biggest shareholder with a 3% stake at the moment with the original share in the company being 20% before Suzuki bought it in 2006 from General Motors.

Fact 9
Suzuki came into the Indian automobile quite early into the scene in the 1980s and now Maruti Suzuki India Ltd unit is Suzuki’s biggest market outside Japan, selling cars to half the Indian nation.

Fact 10
Suzuki Motor Corp is a part of the coveted list of ten of the globe’s biggest car manufacturers.

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Short about Suzuki
Is the second-largest small car maker in Japan, manufacturing cars for the domestic as well as the international market.