Ten fun facts about Harrison Ford

Fact 1
Harrison Ford was born in Chicago to an Irish father and Russian-Jewish mother.

Fact 2
With a rocky start in Hollywood, Harrison Ford gave up on his career for about four years before returning and hitting it big by landing his role as Han Solo in “Star Wars”.

Fact 3
The majority of Harrison Ford's earlier successful roles included sequels which gave a significant boost to his acting career.

Fact 4
The actor has often worked with Steve Spielberg and George Lucas both of which included his two most iconic roles, Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

Fact 5
With a fear of being typecast Harrison Ford originally turned down the role in “Regarding Henry” as a lawyer. After realizing the role was quite different he accepted the part.

Fact 6
During the filming of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, Harrison Ford ran out onto the rope bridge used during the film to test its safety.

Fact 7
The actor considers the movie “Blade Runner” as one of the most frustrating films due to post-production changes that eventually hindered the film's performance at the box office.

Fact 8
Christine Lavin wrote a song that included Harrison Ford as the main subject.

Fact 9
Indiana Jones fans have often declared that they cannot imagine anyone else doing justice to the role of Indy.

Fact 10
He eagerly agreed to take part in the reboot of the “Star Wars” series reprising the role of “Han Solo” for JJ Abrams. Many fans did not believe he would take part but he said that the role was one of his most favorites and that he couldn’t wait to relive the part.

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A Hollywood actor with a dynamic and charming personality that shows through very well with his characters.