Ten fun facts about Christopher Walken

Fact 1
In every film that Christopher Walken has appeared, in he has attempted to work in a dance of some sort with his character.

Fact 2
George Lucas revealed that Christopher Walken was his second choice to play the now iconic role of Han Solo in the popular “Star Wars” film. The role instead went to Harrison Ford who shot to fame after the movie.

Fact 3
At age 15 Christopher Walken worked in the circus as a lion tamer.

Fact 4
Christopher Walken is on record for having grossed over $1.8 billion in the US alone. Some of his more memorable movies include “The Dogs of War”, “Wedding Crashers”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “The Rundown” and “Catch Me If You Can”,

Fact 5
In Fatboy Slim’s music video for the song “Weapon Of Choice,” he choreographed his entire dance on his own.

Fact 6
Often appears as the host of “Saturday Night Live”. He is in the “Five Timers” club along with Alec Baldwin, Justin Timberlake, and Steve Martin to name a few.

Fact 7
At Liza Minnelli’s 16th birthday, Christopher Walken danced with famous actress Judy Garland.

Fact 8
In the films “Kiss Toledo Goodbye,” “Batman Returns,” and “A View To Kill,” he has played a character that goes by the name of Max.

Fact 9
One of Christopher Walken’s eyes is blue and another one is hazel in color.

Fact 10
Zombie films are a favorite of Christopher Walken. “Night Of The Living Dead” is one of his favorites.

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Is a very versatile film star, theater star, and television star who has appeared in over one hundred television shows and movies.