Ten fun facts about William Henry Harrison

Ten fun facts about William Henry Harrison

1. The First President Born in the United States

William Henry Harrison was born on February 9, 1773 in Charles City County, Virginia. He was the son of Benjamin Harrison V, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Elizabeth Bassett Harrison. He was the ninth president of the United States and the first to die in office. He was also the first president to be born in a state that was part of the original United States. He was a military officer in the Northwest Indian War and the War of 1812, and served as the Governor of the Indiana Territory from 1801 to 1813.

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2. " From Surveyor to Brigadier General"

William Henry Harrison made a dramatic career change in 1791 when he joined the First Infantry of the Regular Army and headed to the Northwest. This was a bold move for Harrison, who had previously been a surveyor in the Virginia militia. His new role in the Regular Army saw him stationed in the Northwest, where he was tasked with protecting settlers from Native American attacks. Harrison's time in the Northwest was a success, and he was eventually promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. His service in the Northwest was a major factor in his later success as a politician.

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3. Two Victories That Secureed Indiana for the United States

William Henry Harrison served as governor of the Indiana territories from 1801 to 1813, during which time he achieved two notable victories against the Indians. At the Battle of Tippecanoe, Harrison's forces were able to secure a nominal victory, while at the Battle of the Thames, his forces achieved a much more decisive victory. These victories were instrumental in securing the Indiana territories for the United States.

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4. A Leader in American History

William Henry Harrison was a prominent figure in American history, and his career was marked by many accomplishments. During the War of 1812, Harrison was appointed a general in the United States Army, and he quickly rose to prominence as a leader in the conflict. He was instrumental in leading the American forces to victory in the Battle of Tippecanoe, and his leadership during the war earned him the nickname "Old Tippecanoe". Harrison's military career was a major factor in his eventual election as the ninth President of the United States in 1840.

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5. A Career in Politics that Made a Difference

William Henry Harrison had a long and distinguished career in politics, serving in the U.S House of Representatives from 1816 to 1819, the Ohio Senate from 1819 to 1821, and the U.S Senate from 1825 to 1828. During his time in the House of Representatives, he was a vocal advocate for the interests of his constituents, and in the Ohio Senate he was a leader in the passage of several important pieces of legislation. In the U.S Senate, he was a strong proponent of the American System, a set of economic policies designed to promote economic growth and development. His time in office was marked by a commitment to public service and a dedication to the betterment of his constituents.

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6. 9th Prez Negotiates Colombia Treaty

William Henry Harrison, the 9th President of the United States, served a truncated term before being appointed as Minister Plenipotentiary to Colombia in May 1828. After his appointment, he returned to his farm in Ohio, where he continued to live until his death in 1841. During his time in Colombia, Harrison was responsible for negotiating a treaty with the country, which was ratified in 1831. This treaty was instrumental in establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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7. Whig Pick: W.H. Harrison for President

In 1840, the Whig party made a bold move by selecting William Henry Harrison as their sole candidate for the presidency. Harrison was a veteran of the War of 1812, a former governor of the Indiana Territory, and a member of the Whig party. His campaign focused on his military service and his commitment to the Whig party's platform of economic reform. His victory in the election of 1840 marked the first time a Whig party candidate had been elected to the presidency.

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8. 67-Year-Old William Henry Harrison Elected President

William Henry Harrison was elected as the ninth President of the United States in 1841, making him the oldest president to take office at the time, at the ripe age of 67. His election marked a significant milestone in American history, as he was the first president to be elected from the newly formed Whig Party.

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9. 9th President William Henry Harrison Dies After 31 Days in Office

William Henry Harrison was the 9th President of the United States, but his tenure was tragically short-lived. On his inauguration day, he delivered the longest inaugural address in history, taking nearly two hours to read. Unfortunately, this lengthy speech in the cold weather of March 4, 1841, left him vulnerable to pneumonia, and he passed away just 31 days into his presidency, making him the shortest-serving president in American history.

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10. 9th President William Henry Harrison Dies in Office

On April 14, 1841, William Henry Harrison, the 9th President of the United States, passed away in the White House. His death came only one month after his inauguration, making him the first president to die in office. His death was attributed to complications from pneumonia, which he had contracted during his lengthy inaugural address in the cold and wet weather. Harrison's death was a shock to the nation, and his funeral was attended by thousands of mourners.

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