Ten fun facts about Grand Rapids

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Fact 1
After Detroit, Grand Rapids is the second largest city of Michigan.

Fact 2
Grand Rapids has been nicknamed the “furniture city” because five of the world’s leading furniture manufacturers have their headquarters here.

Fact 3
Gerald Ford, The 38th president, called Grand Rapids his home. Both Mr. Ford and his wife Betty are buried here. There is a memorial built in their honor at the place where they are buried.

Fact 4
Grand Rapids was founded by Louis Campau. In 1826 Campau came to this area and built a home along with a trading post and blacksmith shop.

Fact 5
Grand Rapids was one of the first United States cities to add fluoride to their drinking water. This first took place in 1945.

Fact 6
The Secchia Center medical education building of the Michigan State University of Human Medicine is located in Grand Rapids.

Fact 7
The United States Chamber of Commerce Civic Leadership Venter awarded Grand Rapids with the title of the most sustainable midsize city in 2010.

Fact 8
Bissell vacuum cleaners have headquarters located in Grand Rapids.

Fact 9
The area surrounding Grand Rapids is known for its production of apples, peaches and blueberries. This is partly due to the fact that Grand Rapids is located in such close proximity to Lake Michigan.

Fact 10
Grand Rapids is home to several Christian book publishing companies and has earned the name as the center for Christian book publishing in the United States.

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Short about Grand Rapids
Is a city located on the Grand River in Michigan.