Ten fun facts about Mountain Goats

Image of Mountain Goats

Fact 1
They are not true goats as many people believe although, they are close relatives.

Fact 2
The coat of the mountain goat is very wooly with white fur which keeps them warm at high elevations. The overcoat sheds in summer when it gets too hot.

Fact 3
These animals use their muscular forequarters and pliable cloven hooves to maintain traction on craggy rock surfaces. They are commonly seen on steep slopes that can be up to 60 degrees.

Fact 4
Mountain goats eat herbs, grass, shrubs, ferns, sedges, lichen and moss.

Fact 5
The mating season for these animals is between late November and early December.

Fact 6
Two males or billies will fight over one female mountain goat and lunge at one another’s sides using their flanks or horns.

Fact 7
Females, also called nannies spend time with their bands (or herds) and kids while the males live along or with 2 or 3 other males

Fact 8
The gestation period is from 150 to 180 days. A nanny will typically give birth to only one kid at a time, although sometimes, they may give birth to twins. But that is quite rare. A kids weighs around 6 lbs at birth and can move along the rocks with their mother within a day or so of being born.

Fact 9
Mountain goats can jump nearly 12 feet in one bound.

Fact 10
The age of mountain goats can be determined when they are about 22 months old by the number of rings on their horns.

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Short about Mountain Goats
Are members of the antelope family and have long faces, long black horns and a short tail with beard like hair on their chins.