Ten fun facts about Providence

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Fact 1
Providence has the dubious distinction of being able to successfully flourish during the tense years of the American Revolution, by being willing to trade with both sides of the conflict. Neither side was cheated, and no favoritism shown, a concession that allowed the port to operate and survive the war intact.

Fact 2
The city’s tireless devotion to growing their reputation as a major seaport and trade center also led them to become the first US city to establish trade relations with foreign cities.

Fact 3
Providence has been decimated several times over the years by record breaking hurricanes. Thankfully, the people of Providence rebuilt quickly, and reopened trade as soon as humanly possible.

Fact 4
The waterways surrounding Providence, outside of its large and bustling harbor, have always been a major attraction to visitors over the years.

Fact 5
The recent installation of the Waterfire project includes a series of sensory art installations that create more than a hundred separate bonfires along the waterways and is a record-setting and award-winning creation,

Fact 6
Providence has long supported a thriving gay and alternative lifestyle community within its environs. They fully support civil unions, as well as full civil rights for all citizens in the area.

Fact 7
Providence boasts one of the largest, and exquisitely outfitted Children’s Museums in the world, easily spotted from the road and air by the huge, and completely articulated, authentic Chinese dragon prowling downwards from the roof to the street.

Fact 8
Nicknamed “The Ocean State”, Providence leads the country in promoting green practices, especially focusing on the land and sea.

Fact 9
The city is ranked among the top ten greenest states in the country.

Fact 10
Visitors to Providence experience a unique treat as it is one of only a few cities in the United States that offer 100% customizable visitor tours, geared toward every individuals’ and families’ needs.

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Short about Providence
Is a major seaport in Rhode Island and is located on the eastern seaboard of the United States.