Ten fun facts about Johnson & Johnson

Ten fun facts about Johnson & Johnson

1. The Iconic Baby Powder Label

The Johnson & Johnson legacy began with Robert Wood Johnson's granddaughter, who was the first baby to appear on a Johnson & Johnson baby powder label. This iconic image of a baby with a powder puff in hand has become a symbol of the company's commitment to providing safe and gentle products for babies and families. The image has been used on Johnson & Johnson products for over a century, and continues to be a reminder of the company's dedication to providing quality products for generations to come.

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2. Johnson & Johnson's New TB Drug Approved

In 2012, the FDA approved a groundbreaking tuberculosis drug created by Johnson & Johnson, marking the first new medicine to fight the disease in 40 years. This momentous achievement was the result of years of research and development, and is a testament to Johnson & Johnson's commitment to finding innovative solutions to global health issues. The drug is expected to have a major impact on the fight against tuberculosis, which is one of the world's leading causes of death.

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3. The Company That Revolutionized Women's Health

In the late 1890s, Johnson & Johnson revolutionized the health and hygiene industry with the introduction of the first mass-produced sanitary protection products for women. This groundbreaking development provided women with a reliable and affordable way to manage their menstrual cycles, and marked a major milestone in the history of women's health. The products were manufactured by the company's own employees, demonstrating Johnson & Johnson's commitment to providing quality products and services to its customers.

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4. Johnson & Johnson Ranks #3 on "Green Rankings"

Johnson & Johnson is committed to environmental sustainability, and their efforts have been recognized by Newsweek, who ranked them third among the United States' largest companies in their "Green Rankings". The company has set ambitious goals to reduce their environmental impact, such as reducing their carbon emissions by 20% by 2020, and increasing their use of renewable energy sources. They have also implemented a number of initiatives to reduce waste, conserve water, and increase energy efficiency.

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5. J&J Honored: Best Co. for Working Moms

In 2013, Johnson & Johnson was recognized by "Working Mother" Magazine as one of the best companies for working mothers. This prestigious award was given to Johnson & Johnson for their commitment to providing a supportive and family-friendly work environment for mothers. This includes offering flexible work schedules, on-site childcare, and generous parental leave policies. Johnson & Johnson is dedicated to helping working mothers balance their career and family life.

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6. Johnson & Johnson Reports Record Revenue and Net Income

In 2013, Johnson & Johnson reported a total net income of $13.831 billion and a revenue of $71.312 billion, representing a significant increase from the previous year. This impressive financial performance was driven by the company's strong portfolio of products and services, which includes consumer healthcare, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. The company's success is also attributed to its commitment to innovation and its focus on providing quality products and services to its customers.

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7. A Global Powerhouse

Johnson & Johnson is a global powerhouse, with over 128,000 employees and 275 operating companies in 60 countries around the world. From its humble beginnings in 1886, the company has grown to become a leader in the healthcare, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical industries. With a presence in virtually every corner of the globe, Johnson & Johnson is a major player in the global economy, providing jobs and products to millions of people.


8. " Committed to Diversity & Sustainability"

Johnson & Johnson is a company that is renowned for its commitment to diversity and sustainability. It is the only healthcare company to be listed in Interbrand's top 50 'Best Global Green Brands', a testament to its dedication to environmental responsibility. This recognition is a reflection of the company's commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable world.

9. The Story of the Red Cross Symbol

In the early days of Johnson & Johnson, the company's iconic red cross symbol caused a stir with the Red Cross Charity, who also used the same symbol. After much negotiation, both parties eventually reached an agreement that allowed both to use the symbol, ensuring that Johnson & Johnson's logo would remain a recognizable part of the company's identity.

10. Johnson & Johnson invests billions in research

In 2012, Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical segment invested a staggering $5.3 billion in research and development, demonstrating their commitment to advancing the field of medicine. This investment was used to fund a variety of projects, from developing new treatments for diseases to improving existing medications. The company's dedication to innovation has resulted in numerous breakthroughs, including the development of the world's first single-dose vaccine for the prevention of meningitis. This investment in research and development has allowed Johnson & Johnson to remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

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