Ten fun facts about Pomona

Image of Pomona

Ten fun facts about Pomona

Image of Pomona

1. The Legacy of the Tongva and Gabrielino People

The area now known as Pomona was originally inhabited by the Tongva or Gabrielino Native Americans, who were the first to settle in the area. They were a hunter-gatherer society, relying on the land for their sustenance. They lived in small villages, and were known for their basket-weaving and pottery-making skills. The Tongva and Gabrielino people were an integral part of the area's history, and their legacy still lives on today.

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2. Pomona, California: A City of Fruits

Pomona, California is named after the ancient Roman goddess of fruit, Pomona. This goddess was believed to be the protector of gardens, orchards, and fruit trees, and was often depicted with a cornucopia of fruit. The city of Pomona is located in the Pomona Valley, which is known for its abundance of citrus and other fruit trees. The city is also home to the Fairplex, which hosts the Los Angeles County Fair every year, and is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

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3. Pomona's Religious Diversity

Pomona is a city with a rich religious history, boasting more than 120 churches representing a wide variety of faiths. From Christian denominations such as Catholic, Baptist, and Lutheran, to non-Christian religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam, the city has a place of worship for almost any belief system. This deep-rooted religious presence has been a part of Pomona's history for centuries, and continues to be an integral part of the city's culture today.

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4. The Perfect Place to Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

Pomona is a city with a Mediterranean climate, boasting hot, dry summers and mild, damp winters. It is also blessed with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a sunny getaway. With temperatures rarely dropping below 50°F (10°C) in the winter and soaring to over 90°F (32°C) in the summer, Pomona is the perfect place to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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5. Downtown Once an Odd Choice, Now a Modern City

In 1940, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz spent their honeymoon in downtown Pomona, a city that has since become quite urban. This was referenced in an episode of the classic show "I Love Lucy", where the main characters went out to the country on a day trip to Pomona. This is now seen as an odd choice, as the city has since become much more developed.

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6. Pomona Raceway

Pomona is home to the Fairplex, a multi-purpose event center that hosts the annual L.A. County Fair and the NHRA Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, formerly known as Pomona Raceway. The Raceway is the site of the Powerade Winternationals Drag Racing competition, one of the most prestigious drag racing events in the world. The event draws thousands of spectators each year, and features some of the best drag racers in the world.

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7. Alpha Dog: A True Story

The 2006 film "Alpha Dog", directed by Nick Cassavetes, is based on the true story of the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old Nicholas Markowitz in 2000. Set in Pomona, California, the film follows the events leading up to the tragic crime, as well as the aftermath of the investigation. The film was praised for its accurate portrayal of the events, and for its ability to capture the emotions of the characters involved.

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8. Mickey and Pluto's Train Adventure

In 1940, Walt Disney released the cartoon short "Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip", in which Mickey and Pluto board a train from Burbank in an attempt to evade the "no dogs allowed" policy enforced by conductor Pete. However, their plan is foiled when they are kicked off the train at their destination, Pomona. This humorous cartoon follows the mischievous duo as they try to outsmart Pete and make it to their destination.

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9. Pomona's Antique Row Comes to Life in "The Cat in the Hat"

In 2003, the beloved children's classic "The Cat in the Hat" was brought to life on the big screen, starring Mike Myers in the titular role. To create the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss, the production team transformed Pomona's Antique Row into a vibrant and colorful set. The area was filled with bright colors, unique props, and a variety of costumes, creating a scene that was truly straight from the imagination of Dr. Seuss.

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10. Herby Fully Loaded: A Classic Volkswagen Beetle Race on White Ave.

In 2005, the film "Herby Fully Loaded" starring Lindsey Lohan filmed a thrilling car race on Pomona's White Ave. The movie featured a classic Volkswagen Beetle, driven by Lohan, racing against a variety of other cars. The race was filmed on the streets of Pomona, providing a unique backdrop for the action-packed scene. The filming of the movie was a great opportunity for the city of Pomona, as it showcased the city's vibrant streets and provided a memorable experience for the locals.

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