Ten fun facts about Lions

Image of Lions

Fact 1
These “social cats” live in prides or groups of 10 to 15 and are extremely protective of their young ones, called cubs.

Fact 2
A lion’s roar is loud and powerful and can be heard from a distance of nearly 8 km away.

Fact 3
Usually it is the female species that do the hunting while the males play a more protective role by patrolling the area and guarding their pride.

Fact 4
A male lion needs an average of 7 kg of meat a day whereas a female needs 5 kg a day.

Fact 5
If held captive, a lion could live up to 25 years whereas in the wild open spaces, they may live for 12 to 16 years.

Fact 6
The males do their share of bringing in sustenance for the pride at least 50 – 60% of the time. They hunt from dawn to dusk looking for larger prey. They dislike competition and will kill predators.

Fact 7
Lions usually go in search of wildebeests, gazelles, buffaloes, elephants and zebras as they generally hunt large animals but will also attack hyenas and scavenge at times when food is scarcer.

Fact 8
It takes two years for the female species to reach nearly two-thirds their adult size. They are better hunters than the male species.

Fact 9
The average speed that they can runs is up to 81kmph. Lack stamina and run in short bursts.

Fact 10
The young one of a lion is called a cub, lionet or whelp.

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Short about Lions
Are called the ‘King of the jungle” because of their magnificent physique and also because they display brave fighting skills.