Facts on Apex predators

Polar bears

Is a bear native largely within the Arctic circle.

10 facts about Polar bears

Sea Lions

Are marine fin-footed mammals in the family Otariidae and have the ability to walk on all fours.

10 facts about Sea Lions


Are called the ‘King of the jungle” because of their magnificent physique and also because they display brave fighting skills.

10 facts about Lions


Have been around for 2 million years but considered an endangered species with only about 4,000 surviving in the wild today.

10 facts about Tigers


Were the first animals to be domesticated by man and regarded as gods in the Norse mythologies.

10 facts about Wolves


Are large and powerful birds of prey that have been considered a symbol of power and freedom in many cultures since ancient times.

10 facts about Eagles


Are the third largest feline species of cats and are normally orange colored with black spots called ‘rosettes’.

10 facts about Jaguars


Are legendary wild-dogs of Australia though they are also found in South East Asia.

10 facts about Dingos

Komodo Dragons

Are large, powerful, living lizards with long flat heads, round snouts, scaly skin, bowed legs and huge muscular tails.

10 facts about Komodo Dragons