Ten fun facts about Lima

Fact 1
Though the musical comedy television series "Glee" is filmed in California, the show is based on life in Lima, Ohio.

Fact 2
The Lima Army Tank Plant is located in the city and is the creator of the battle tank, the M1 Abrams.

Fact 3
In 1970 the population peaked at 53,734 but has since dropped. As of 2012, the population has decreased to 38,339.

Fact 4
The cost of living in Lima is approximately 20.20% less than the United States average.

Fact 5
William Davenport became the first black police chief of the state in 1968.

Fact 6
Lima is a birthplace to many notable people, including baseball player Paul Shuey and comedian Phyllis Diller.

Fact 7
In the 1960's, one of the city's residential neighborhoods called the "Golden Block" was almost completely demolished. Only three builings survived.

Fact 8
Formed in 1995, Lima has one sister city, which is Harima, Hyogo of Japan.

Fact 9
The city was established in 1831 and developed its first public school in 1850.

Fact 10
The city, in Allen County, is apart of the Lima-Van-Wert-Wapakoneta Combined Statistical Area. Van Wert and Wapakoneta are also included in the group.

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Short about Lima
A city and the county seat of Allen County in Ohio.