Ten fun facts about Mobile

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Fact 1
Mobile was named after the Native American Indian tribe from the region. The French discovered the Mobilian living in the area and they named the city after these intriguing people.

Fact 2
The city has a population of 195,111 according to the 2012 census reports. This makes it the third most populated city in the United States.

Fact 3
The city was a colony of France for several years, and then they were ruled by Britain, and then by Spain. They have also been under the flags of the Confederacy, the Republic of Alabama and of course the USA.

Fact 4
Mobile, Alabama is often referred to as the city of six flags. These comments are in reference to the fact that Mobile has had the flags of six separate countries fly over her.

Fact 5
The port in Mobile is one of the twelve biggest ports in the United States.

Fact 6
Fifise Langois brought the first pink azalea to this city from his father’s personal gardens of Toulouse. Today Mobile is blanketed in the spring with the blooms of over fifty different varieties of this fragrant flower.

Fact 7
The original Mardi Gras in the United States was held in Mobile and not in New Orleans as is generally assumed.

Fact 8
Mobile is home to the second largest natural gas reserve in the entire world.

Fact 9
Many people actually get the pronunciation of the name wrong. The correct way to pronounce Mobile is “Mo-beel”.

Fact 10
Mobile was the first capital of what was known as colonial French Louisiana back in 1702.

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Short about Mobile
Is the only salt water port in Alabama.