Ten fun facts about San Bernardino

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Fact 1
During the Civil Rights Movement, the city was given the nickname “Bombingham”. The violent bombings that occurred here caused large-scale devastation and in some cases, death.

Fact 2
The city has been named after the British industrial city of Birmingham and was a way of promoting its destiny as a booming industrial center in the United States.

Fact 3
The Vulcan Statue is the world’s largest cast iron statue. This 56-feet tall statue is housed on a pedestal that rises 180 feet. The statue itself weighs-in at 101,200 pounds and is the largest metal statue fabricated in the U.S.

Fact 4
A large number of famous people have made Birmingham their home. The legendary Mets singer- Willie Mays, actress Courtney Cox, Emylou Harris the singer and Tobias Wolf the famous author have all lived here at some point or the other.

Fact 5
Dr Martin Luther King was imprisoned in local city jail in 1963 and wrote the famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail” while he was behind bars.

Fact 6
The city was founded in 1871 and sits in a site that is rich in coal, ore and limestone deposits. It is the only place on the globe where these three deposits have been found so close to each other.

Fact 7
The city is still called “The Magic City”. Its name is attributed to its phenomenal growth in the steel manufacturing field.

Fact 8
A large number of artists find Birmingham to be an inspirational city. “The Ballad of Birmingham”, Dudley Randall’s poem and “Alabama”, John Coltrane’s song as well as the “Birmingham Blues” by Fats Waller have all been inspired by this city.

Fact 9
The Southeast’s largest museum, The Birmingham Museum of Arts is located here. It has an awesome collection of more than 21,000 works of art from across the world.

Fact 10
America’s second-largest urban nature reserve, The Ruffner Mountain Nature Center here is larger than Central Park in New York City.

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Short about San Bernardino
Is the largest city in the state of Alabama, U.S and is the Jefferson County, county seat.