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Fact 1
It is also known as the “Circle City”, “Crown Colony”, “Queen Colony”, and “Indianapolis of the West”.

Fact 2
Its motto is: “To Cherish Our Past, To Plan Our Future”

Fact 3
High real estate prices in Los Angeles and Orange counties made the area's land desirable to developers and industrialists, and by the late 1990s Corona was considered a major suburb of Los Angeles.

Fact 4
Corona has become a bedroom community for Orange County, Los Angeles, and the larger cities of the Inland Empire.

Fact 5
Notable residents include drummer Travis Barker, professional basketball player D.J. Strawberry, and investigative journalist Gary Webb.

Fact 6
The town of Corona once laid claim to the title “Lemon Capital of the World”.

Fact 7
The city derived its name from the curious layout of its streets, with a standard grid enclosed by the circular Grand Boulevard, one mile in diameter.

Fact 8
The city of Corona has been popular among celebrities drawn to its upscale areas and relative privacy compared to Los Angeles.

Fact 9
In recent years Corona has been known as the Gateway to the Inland Empire.

Fact 10
Prior to the 1980s, the city was a largely agricultural community, dominated by citrus orchards, ranches, and dairy farms.

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is a city in Riverside County, California, United States

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