Ten fun facts about Cheetahs

Fact 1
Cheetahs cannot run for prolonged periods and therefore hunt prey in short rapid bursts of speed. They require resting periodically to help regain their strength.

Fact 2
These big cats have enlarged lungs and hearts which allow them to inhale increased quantities of oxygen. This enables them to breathe up to 150 times a minute.

Fact 3
They use their tails similar to rudders for boats, to steer, when they run.

Fact 4
A little know fact is that Cheetahs can only purr. They do not roar like the other big cats. They growl and use vocalizations which include making chirping bird-like sounds.

Fact 5
Their claws are retractable which gives them the strong grip when they pursue prey at high speeds.

Fact 6
Female cheetahs mate with many different males and give birth in lairs or marshy areas where the grass grows tall, to three to five cubs. The pregnancy period is three months.

Fact 7
Female cheetahs impart survival skills to their cubs and stay with them for the first 18 months. The males prefer to spend time with two or three other males.

Fact 8
They are unable to climb trees and cannot see clearly at night.

Fact 9
They have long black “tear lines” running from the inside of each eye to their mouth. This protects their eyes from the sun and allows them to see long distances.

Fact 10
They prey on gazelles, warthogs, rabbits, antelopes, ostriches, porcupines after chasing them down.

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Short about Cheetahs
Are the fastest land animals that can reach speeds of up to 113 km/hour, running like the wind with amazing acceleration