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Ten fun facts about Pakistan

Fact 1:
Pakistan has 2 international seaports, Karachi and Bin Qasim.

Fact 2:
General Pervez Musharref is the President of Pakistan.

Fact 3:
Popular sports for Pakistan citizens include Cricket, Hockey and Football.

Fact 4:
The national flower of Pakistan is the Jasmine.

Fact 5:
The official name for Pakistan is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Fact 6:
The curreny of Pakistan is the Pak Rupee.

Fact 7:
The ethnic composition of Pakistan is 97% Muslim.

Fact 8:
The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad.

Fact 9:
The Pakistan national flag consists of dark green with a white vertical bar.

Fact 10:
The prime minister of Pakistan is named Shaukat Aziz.

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Is a country in South Asia.

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