Ten fun facts about Kazakhstan

Ten fun facts about Kazakhstan

1. Kazakhstan Declares Independence from Soviet Union

Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country, declared its independence from the Soviet Union on December 16, 1991. The official name of the country is the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the official language is Kazak. However, Russian is also widely spoken, as it was the language of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country, and is home to a diverse population of over 18 million people.

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2. Kazakhstan celebrates its National Holiday on October 25

Kazakhstan gained its independence on December 16, 1991, and celebrates its National Holiday on October 25 of the same year. The name "Kazakh" is derived from the Turkic word for "independent" or "wanderer", which is fitting given the country's history of independence. This holiday is a time for the people of Kazakhstan to come together and celebrate their nation's independence, and to remember the struggles and sacrifices that were made to achieve it.

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3. A Country with a Rich Cultural Heritage

Kazakhstan is a country with a rich cultural heritage, boasting three distinct time zones and a national bird, the majestic Golden Eagle. The country's national instrument is the Dombra, a two-stringed lute-like instrument that has been used for centuries to accompany traditional Kazakh folk songs.

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4. Multi-cultural and Multi-religious Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state, with Islam being the main religion followed by its citizens. Other religions practiced in the country include Orthodox Christianity, Protestantism, and a variety of other faiths. This diverse population is made up of more than 120 nationalities, making Kazakhstan a truly unique and vibrant nation.

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5. A Country of Progress and Abundance

Kazakhstan is a country located in Central Asia, and its currency is the Tenge. The sun in the flag of Kazakhstan is a symbol of progress and abundance, with its 32 beams representing the 32 tribes of the Kazakh people. This symbol is a reminder of the country's rich history and culture, and is a source of pride for the people of Kazakhstan.

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6. A Presidential Republic with its Capital in Astana

Kazakhstan is a Presidential Republic, with its capital located in Astana since the end of 1998. Prior to this, the capital was located in Almaty, which had been the capital since Kazakhstan's independence in 1991. Astana was chosen as the new capital due to its strategic location and its potential for economic growth.

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7. 9th Largest Country in the World - Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is an expansive country, ranking as the ninth largest in the world. It is a land of extremes, with cold winters and hot summers, and a variety of climates ranging from arid to semiarid. The country is home to a diverse range of landscapes, from the snow-capped mountains of the Tian Shan range to the vast steppes of the Kazakh lowlands. Despite its size, Kazakhstan is sparsely populated, with a population density of only 18 people per square kilometer.

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8. A Major Player in the Global Economy

Kazakhstan is a major player in the global economy, with its major industries including oil, iron ore, coal, manganese, chromite, zinc, copper, lead and titanium. These industries are essential to the country's economic growth, providing jobs and income for its citizens. Oil is the most important of these industries, accounting for around 60% of Kazakhstan's exports. Iron ore, coal, and manganese are also important, with the latter two being used in the production of steel. Chromite, zinc, copper, lead, and titanium are also mined in Kazakhstan, providing the country with a diverse range of resources.

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9. World's Oldest & Largest Space Launch Facility

Kazakhstan is home to the world's oldest and largest operational space launch facility, Baikonur. This launch site has been used for Soviet and Russian space exploration since the 1950s, and has been the starting point for some of the most iconic space missions in history, including the first human spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961. It is still used today for launching satellites, space probes, and crewed missions to the International Space Station.

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10. A Major Player in the Global Economy

Kazakhstan is a major exporter of oil products, grains, ferrous metals and chemicals, making it an important player in the global economy. The country's oil products are exported to countries such as Russia, China, and the United States, while its grains are sent to countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. Kazakhstan's ferrous metals are exported to countries such as India, South Korea, and Japan, and its chemicals are sent to countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This makes Kazakhstan a key supplier of these goods to the world market.

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Is the largest landlocked country in the world bordered by Russia, Kyrgzstan, Rurkmenistan, Uzbekistan and China located partly in Central Asia and partly in Europe.


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