Ten fun facts about Lesotho

Fact 1
Lesotho is the southernmost landlocked country in the world. The country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Fact 2
Maseru is the largest city and capital of Lesotho and Maseru District which borders South Africa.

Fact 3
The currency of the kingdom of Lesotho is Lesotho loti (ISO Code – LSL) though the South African rand is also accepted as legal tender within the kingdom.

Fact 4
The official language is English and Sesotho (or Sotho).

Fact 5
The largest religion in Lesotho is Christianity with 90% of the population following this religion. Roman Catholics and Protestants represent 45%.

Fact 6
Lesotho experiences continental temperate climates. The average temperatures in the warmest months are 50⁰F while it averages 26.6⁰F to 64⁰F in the cold months. Snow is common in the highlands between May and September.

Fact 7
The literacy rate of Lesotho is 82%. The national day is celebrated on October 4 when the country gained independence from the United Kingdom (1966.)

Fact 8
Over 80% of the country is 1,800 meters above sea level.

Fact 9
The major natural resources of Lesotho are water and diamonds. Lesotho exports mohair, wool, clothing and footwear. One of Levi’s jeans manufacturing facilities is located in this country.

Fact 10
Lesotho imports food, machinery, petroleum products, medicines and vehicles from United States of America and Canada. Agriculture includes wheat, pulses, corn, sorghum and livestock.

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Short about Lesotho
Is an enclave surrounded by the Republic of South Africa.

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