Ten fun facts about Equatorial Guinea

Fact 1
The capital city of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo which is located offshore on Bioko Island. The official currency is Central African Franc (XAF).

Fact 2
The official languages are Spanish and French though most people speak native languages including Fang, Annobonese and Bubi.

Fact 3
Most of the population of Equatorial Guinea is Roman Catholic while some practice indigenous beliefs.

Fact 4
Equatorial Guinea gained independence in 1968 from the Spanish. It functions as a Presidential Republic.

Fact 5
It has the highest adult literacy rate of the entire Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fact 6
Equatorial Guinea has a tropical climate with one dry season lasting from December to February. The temperatures remain constant through the year and average between 84 - 88⁰F. The wettest months are May and June.

Fact 7
The highest point is Pico Basile at 3,008 m on the island of Bioko. Most of the land area is located on the mainland.

Fact 8
Equatorial Guinea’s main exports include methanol, timber and cocoa. It imports commodities, petroleum, food, beverages, clothing and machinery.

Fact 9
The major industries are petroleum, fishing, sawmilling and natural gas. Agriculture includes coffee, cocoa, rice, yams, livestock, timber.

Fact 10
The undeveloped natural resources include iron ore, titanium, manganese, uranium and alluvial gold Major trading partners are U.S., China, Spain, Taiwan, Portugal, South Korea, France, UK, Cote d’Ivoire and Italy.

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Short about Equatorial Guinea
Is an African country bordered by Gabon to the south and east, Cameroon to the north and the Gulf of Guinea to the west

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