Ten fun facts about Republic of the Congo

Fact 1
This is the third largest country on the African continent, bordering the Central African Republic and Sudan to the North, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi in the East, Zambia and Angola to the South, the Republic of the Congo to the West.

Fact 2
The Republic of Congo got is current name in 1997 and is often referred to as the DRC. The capital city is Kinshasa which was founded in 1881 and formerly known as Leopoldville.

Fact 3
French is the only official language in the Democratic Republic of Congo though there are an estimated total of 242 languages spoken.

Fact 4
The country experiences a tropical climate. It is cooler and drier in its southern highlands and cooler and wetter in its eastern highlands.

Fact 5
The natural resources are copper, tantalum, niobium, industrial diamonds, zinc, silver, gold, tin, timber, coal, uranium and manganese.

Fact 6
The Congolese Franc (CDF) is the official currency of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Fact 7
The country received its independence from Belgium on 30th June, 1960.

Fact 8
Agriculture includes sugar, coffee, palm oil, tea, rubber, cassava, quinine, palm oil, root crops, bananas, corn, wood products and fruits.

Fact 9
50% of the population are Catholics, while 20% are Protestants, 10% Kimbanguist, 10% Muslim and 10% others.

Fact 10
The main industries are mining, mineral processing, consumer products, cement, commercial ship repair and processed foods and beverages.

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Short about Republic of the Congo
Is located in Central Africa in the northeast of the country of Angola.

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