Ten fun facts about Dominican Republic

Ten fun facts about Dominican Republic

1. The Dominican Republic - A Caribbean Paradise

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation of immense size and diversity, boasting 31 provinces and countless municipalities. It is the second largest nation in the Caribbean, and its provinces are home to a variety of cultures, landscapes, and climates. From the lush rainforests of the south to the white-sand beaches of the north, the Dominican Republic is a destination of unparalleled beauty and culture.

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2. The A City of Culture, History, and Entertainment

The Dominican Republic is home to the oldest permanent settlement in the Western Hemisphere, Santo Domingo. Founded in 1496, this vibrant city is the capital of the Dominican Republic and is a hub of culture, history, and entertainment. From the cobblestone streets of the Colonial Zone to the modern architecture of the Malecón, Santo Domingo is a city that has something for everyone.

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3. "Explore the Culture & Language!"

The Dominican Republic is a culturally diverse nation, with Spanish being the official language. However, English, Italian, French, and German are also widely spoken throughout the country, making it a great destination for travelers of all backgrounds. Whether you're looking to practice your Spanish, brush up on your French, or just converse in English, you'll find plenty of opportunities to do so in the Dominican Republic.

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4. The A Land of Plenty

The Dominican Republic achieved its independence on August 16, 1865, and has since become known as the 'bread basket of the Caribbean'. This is due to its abundance of farms and fisheries, which provide a wide variety of produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From tropical fruits such as mangoes and papayas, to seafood like lobster and conch, the Dominican Republic is a major source of sustenance for the Caribbean region.

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5. Dominican Republic's Top Baseball Players

The Dominican Republic is a nation that takes its national game of baseball seriously. In fact, some of the world's most renowned baseball players hail from the Dominican Republic, including the likes of David Ortiz, Robinson Cano, and Albert Pujols. Baseball is a beloved pastime in the Dominican Republic, and the country has produced some of the most talented players in the sport's history.

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6. The A Tropical Paradise

The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise, boasting warm temperatures year-round and a variety of seasonal changes. During the summer months, temperatures can reach up to 90°F (32°C), while in the winter months they can dip down to the mid-70s (21°C). Rainfall also varies depending on the season, with the heaviest rainfall occurring during the summer months.

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7. The Dominican Republic's Merengue Style is Unique and Vibrant

The Dominican Republic is renowned for its unique and vibrant music style, merengue. This fast-paced dance music is characterized by its lively rhythms and catchy melodies, and is often accompanied by traditional instruments such as the accordion, tambora, and guira. Merengue has become a popular genre of music around the world, and is a source of national pride for the Dominican Republic.

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8. The Coffee Country, Cocoa Producers

The Dominican Republic is renowned for its coffee, with Cafe Santo Domingo being the most popular variety. Not only that, but it is also one of the top ten producers of cocoa in the world, making it a major player in the global cocoa market. Coffee is a beloved national non-alcoholic drink in the Dominican Republic, and its production of cocoa is a testament to the country's commitment to quality and flavor.

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9. Currency, Peso & Centavos (RD$)

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation with its own currency, the Dominican peso. The peso is divided into 100 centavos and is denoted by the symbol 'RD$'. The peso has been in circulation since 1844 and is currently the official currency of the Dominican Republic. It is also used in the nearby countries of Haiti and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The peso is available in coins and banknotes, with denominations ranging from 1 centavo to 1000 pesos.

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10. The Catholic Country of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a predominantly Catholic country, with over 80% of the population identifying as Catholic. Catholicism is deeply rooted in the culture and history of the Dominican Republic, with the first Catholic Mass being celebrated in the country in 1495. The Catholic Church has a strong presence in the Dominican Republic, with over 4,000 churches and chapels located throughout the country. Catholicism is an important part of the Dominican Republic's identity, with many of the country's festivals and holidays being based on Catholic traditions.

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