Ten fun facts about Rwanda

Fact 1
The capital city Kigali is located near the center of Rwanda. The national currency is the Rwandan franc (Rwf.)

Fact 2
The languages spoken in Rwanda are French, English, Kiswahili and Kinyanwanda.

Fact 3
Half the people in Rwanda re Roman Catholics while 26% are Protestants, 11% are Adventists and 4.6% are Muslims

Fact 4
Rwanda has a temperate to subtropical climate with two rainy seasons from February to April and November to January. Rwands has dee valleys and steep mountains.

Fact 5
Rwanda imports machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products, steel and cement and construction material. It exports coffee, tea, tin ore and hides.

Fact 6
The Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda is home to 300 species of birds. It is also home to civets, leopards, serval cats, silver monkeys and other animals. The largest lake is Lake Kivu.

Fact 7
Rwanda gained independence on July 1, 1962. The literacy rate is 70.4%. It has a presidential system of government.

Fact 8
Tourism, coffee, tea and minerals are Rwanda’s main sources of foreign exchange.

Fact 9
The 1994 genocide decimated Rwanda’s fragile economic base, severely impoverished the population.

Fact 10
The natural resources are gold, cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite, (tungsten ore) methane, hydropower and arable land. The industries include cement, agricultural products, soap, small-scale beverages, furniture, plastic goods, textiles, shoes and cigarettes.

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Short about Rwanda
Is a landlocked country in East/Central Africa, bordered by Uganda to north, Burundi in the south, Democratic Republic of the Congo on the West and Tanzania to the East.

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