Ten fun facts about Bolivia

Fact 1
Bolivia holds the record as one of the wettest countries in the world. The annual rainfall is over 5000mm. The climate varies with altitude. It ranges from humid and tropical to cold and semi-arid.

Fact 2
Lake Titicaca in Bolivia the highest and deepest navigable lake in the world

Fact 3
Bolivia has over 30 official languages and 36 native cultures. The main language spoken is Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.

Fact 4
The capital of Bolivia, La Paz is the highest administrative capital city in the world situated at an attitude of 11,910ft. Bolivia is the most isolated of the Latin American republics.

Fact 5
Nearly 78% of the population is Roman Catholic. The youth are not as dedicated to religion as their parents.

Fact 6
The Salar de Uyuni salt beds contain the largest deposit of salt on the planet. The largest deposit of lithium in the world is found under all that salt.

Fact 7
The industrial resources include natural gas, tin, petroleum, iron, silver, gold, lead, zinc, tungsten, antimony and hydropower.

Fact 8
The major agricultural products are soybeans, coffee, cotton, coca, corn, sugarcane, potatoes, rice and timber. Soybeans are the major cash crop.

Fact 9
The currency of Bolivia is Boliviano. August 6 is celebrated as the National Day in Bolivia.

Fact 10
Bolivia has the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary. The folk music is rich and varied.

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Short about Bolivia
Is a South American country that is bordered by Brazil, Argentine, Paraguay, Chile and Peru.

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