Ten fun facts about Paraguay

Fact 1
An interesting theory is that the name Paraguay references to a parrot that went by the name of Frank that was first befriended and eventually eaten by the earliest Jesuit settles in the area. The country was called “parrot “on ancient maps.

Fact 2
There are more than 275 individual cascade within the Iguacu Falls which spans the River Iguacu. These falls are twice the width of the Niagara Falls and taller than it as well.

Fact 3
Dueling between two people is legal here but the competitors have to be registered blood donors. It is also mandatory for there to be medical staff on hand.

Fact 4
Paraguay’s navy is larger than any other land-locked country.

Fact 5
The Itapu dam that is built across the Parana River that forms Paraguay’s south-eastern border houses the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant.

Fact 6
There is no aristocratic upper class in Paraguay and this is unlike most other Latin American countries.

Fact 7
The largest freshwater wetland, the Pantanal extends across Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia.

Fact 8
Paraguay’s first railway line was built by British engineers from 1858-1861.

Fact 9
Homes here have no doorbells. Instead, you are expected to announce your arrival by clapping your hands. The weather in the country is very hot and windows are always left open this the claps can be heard very clearly.

Fact 10
Instead of greeting people with a “hello”, you have to say “adios” which actually means goodbye. This is meant to be an indication to people who you bump into that you can’t really spare the time to stop and share a drink.

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Short about Paraguay
Is a completely landlocked country located in South America, officially called the Republic of Paraguay.

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